Config\System Missing - System Restore from Recovery Console HELP!

By Chris_
May 11, 2007
  1. Hi TechSpot,

    When I boot up my base system, and proceed after completing the POST, I receive:

    A great solution by the way is here

    So, I proceed to rebooting and loading up my Windows XP Professional w/o SP disc, and loading the Recovery Console. However, when I come to select the Windows installation (1), after I type 1 and hit enter (lots of times), nothing happens, it's like my system locks up.

    So, I thought I'd try a complete fresh install from the disc, but when the installer gets to the "Searching for previous versions of Microsoft Windows" it just stops here, and locks up once again.

    Now, I begin to think that means my Western Digitial Caviar 160GB SATA hard disk has failed, since this all started from a hard shutdown .. the system was instructed to shutdown through Windows, but was taking longer than usual, so I used the case power button to shutdown at the same time (corrupted files..) next day, I receive the quoted error message.

    Now I have messed about with ideas, but seem to get stuck when it comes to writing or deleting things from the hard disk.

    What I've done:
    - Attached an old Maxtor IDE hard disk to my base system, which BSOD's when I try to load XP from it :mad: .. when I load the XP install disc with this hard disk and my SATA hard disk connected I can LOGIN (prompted for administrator password when selecting Windows installation at Recovery Console) to the IDE HDD, then if I type
    which is the SATA drive letter, I can READ files by using the DIR command. BUT, with the solution to the error I receive when trying to load Windows I cannot use the CD (Change Directory) command which is needed for the fix. When I try to use it I get an 'Access is Denied.' message.

    However, when I come to selecting a Windows installation, I can select the first (1) and hit my ENTER key numerous times to be prompted for a administrator password which I then hit ENTER again, and then I am finally at the C:\WINDOWS prompt. C: being the IDE HDD, not the SATA.

    Once I looked around, I typed HELP where I found the LOGON command, which lets me access (read/write/other) other partitions/hdd's, but when I choose the SATA HDD (2), it just freezes, this is why I think its failed?

    So, I am pretty much lost and have ran out of ideas.. this is my last resort because I'd rather go and buy a new Seagate disk tomorrow than get this disk RMA'd over the course of 1/2 months.. does anyone have any ideas on how I can access the SATA disk in Recovery Console or any sort of console so that I can format it.. I thought that formatting through the Recovery Console would make the Windows installation (reformat) not hang on the 'Searching for previous versions of Microsoft Windows'

    ALSO, I can read from the disk, so does that mean I can copy important files onto my external usb hard disk?

    ANY HELP I would appreciate very much!
    Thanks in advance
    - Chris :dead:
  2. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 3,556

  3. Chris_

    Chris_ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    But I'm sure if I choose the FRESH INSTALL option, then it will proceed with

    Won't it?

    So reading from that Repair XP guide, my hard disk IS faulty?
  4. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 3,556

    Well, if you are SURE, then it probably will.

  5. Chris_

    Chris_ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, I'll try the FRESH INSTALL >> REPAIR option now and leave it over night.. if its not moved, I can go and buy a new HDD (shinyness :D) tomorrow and try and recover some data.

    Thanks for your help, I'll update you.
  6. jobeard

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