Converting AVI to MPG

By Goofy Newfie
Oct 4, 2004
  1. I have an AVI file I want to convert to MPG for burning a VCD. The original size of the file is about 750 MB. Is there a way to do this and end up with a VCD that fits on one CD-R? The resulting mpg file after converting using TMPGEnc is over two Gigs! I don't have a DVD burner. Any thoughts?
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    Keep in mind that you are capable of much higher compression methods with divx (which is probably what that AVI was) than mpg for VCD. A standard mpeg for VCD has a constant bit rate - around 1150 k if memory serves me right. No way you're gonna take a 750 meg highly compressed divx down to a single CD VCD. You could always chop the mpeg with a splitter and span it across multiple discs.
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    As a personal follow-up, I used Main Concept MPEG Encoder, and specified VCD as the MPG output format. Worked perfectly, and brought the size from over 700MB to under 600MB. Thanks for all of your input nonetheless.:D
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