Converting Quake III: Team Arena demos to .mpg

By Vehementi
Mar 3, 2002
  1. This can either be a gaming or a video question, but to me it was more video...

    I'm trying to convert my Quake 3 Team Arena demos to something I can play on a normal media player, like a .mpg or .avi file. I wanted to make a VCD out of them so I can showcase the effectiveness of the railgun at close range. Are there any programs that will convert them? Can I just rename them to something else? It would really be great if I could :D
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    The demo files just contain positional info & aren't played back like videos.
    I don't know "what" you need to get to do it but I do know there's some java application you can download that will allow you to record it to a movie file. could always ask at what he used if can't find it.
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    I haven't seen a program that does this, so please post if you find it. However, this will work if you have the right equipment. If you have a video card with TV out, hook your TV up and play the demo. While the demo is playing, you'll need to record it with a VCR. Then using a video capture card/software, record the video from the VCR to your harddrive in avi/mpeg format.

    I haven't done this myself, and I would assume that visual quality will be degraded, but it should work.
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    yes, I meant
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    Try using HyperCAM to record the demo whilst it is playing. A free trial can be downloaded.

    Failing that u will have to take the video signal out and then back in to your PC using a TV Out card, and Video capture card.
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