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By dank7737
Aug 2, 2002
  1. MY motherboard, asus p4s533, came with software called asus probe. it gives a realtime analysis of computers performance. MY cpu temp is 40*C and my motherboard is 42*C. Are these tempertaures ok? also what is the safe temperature ranges for each. I am looking at the various fan speeds for my computer also. I have two case fans. next to each it gives the current Rpms. one of the fans blinks chassis fan below threshold". what does this mean? it shouldnt be a power issue because i have a 400 watt power supply. thanks for your time guys.
  2. Rick

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    People have had a bad habbit of not saying what their processor is lately. :eek:

    Ideal temperatures and safety limits are relative to what processor you have.

    Generally speaking, for a modern system, 40*C is good temperature... Especially for Athlons and P4s
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  4. Phantasm66

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    An important point, Lord Rickus.

    Indeed, a further annoyance is people not saying what OS they are using in more software related questions. Do you think I am psychic?>?

    Tell us more and we can help you more.
  5. dank7737

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    i have a p4 2ghz processor and im running windows xp
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