By BtotheEtotheX
Jun 22, 2013
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  1. Hey is there a solution to why I cant put a movie from my VLC playlist onto my usb? :)
  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 11,702   +1,886

    Are you trying to copy it from the playlist, or the physical location?

    Is the flash drive in question any good? Has it been formatted?

    Is the drive big enough to hold the entire file? Is there DRM in the file?

    Did you try, right click and then, "send to",> USB from the physical location of the file?

    Is the drive showing up under "My Computer"? (Computer in Vista & newer).
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  3. BtotheEtotheX

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    Its a .mkp file or something like that. A friend said it wont play on my xbox anyway?
  4. BtotheEtotheX

    BtotheEtotheX TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I meant a .mkv file...
  5. BtotheEtotheX

    BtotheEtotheX TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have no idea what that means but my friend just said my xbox wont play any mkv files and I have no idea why? I did get it onto my usb and tryed it on the box but no nothing came up so is there another solution to this for me to be able to watch on my tv through xbox through usb?
  6. stonarda

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    Convert it into a different file format. Use something like Hamster video converter - its what I use!
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  7. captaincranky

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    Try using Windows Media Player to run the file. It might send up an error message to the effect of, "Windows can't open this file, would you like to search the internet for a solution".

    Search the web for an explanation the file extension. It could simply be a proprietary name fo a common file such as .mp4. And sometimes, the solution can be simply changing the extension name to something else.

    Nero is (was?) notorious for changing the file extension, then hiding the files, so you became dependent on that software. If you let Nero be the default application for any type of media file, you were begging for problems.

    If the file simply won't let you copy it, there could be DRM involved. I can't be specific about, that's basically an uneducated guess.

    Here's the Google search results for this topic file extension explanation&oq=computer file extension explanation&gs_l=firefox-hp.3...4505.17753.0.18158. Browse it, and pick the site(s) that resonates with you. Start with Wiki, and work from there.

    I'm told that "Handbrake" is a good converter, you can Google that, it may only be for Mac. For the most part, I don't need such things, so I only have so much to offer.
  8. stonarda

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