Could my CPU still work?

By Acidwinter
Mar 16, 2006
  1. Yah, I accidently fried my mobo (Was fixing IDE cables and the door with a fan that was plugged into the PSU fell, giving the PSU a good yank and making my mobo not work) and I was wondering in most cases, would it also burn the CPU? I would really hate to get another CPU but I was just wondering. Im ordering a new Mobo to "test" it, but I was just wondering now so I don't have to wait..


    If its a different motherboard, would I have to re-install windows? or would the Bios configure itself so I just have to plug everything back in and im ready to go? Ive never actually had this happen to me before...thanks
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    Are you saying you didn't unplug the power supply before working on the inside? Otherwise it's not clear how the motherboard was damaged. If the power supply cables (or some of them) got a good yank, how do you know it isn't the power supply that was damaged?

    You might or might not have to reinstall Windows but you will have to install all the motherboard drivers when you change motherboards. Be sure to clean and apply new thermal compound between the CPU and heatsink when you switch mobos.
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    I thought my PSU died first, so I took it out and tried it in another computer and it worked fine. Also, it was one of those PSU's with the on/off switch directly on the unit. So it was OFF but there was still power going through it because the actuall PSU switch was on. I ordered another Motherboard and CPU and upgrading from a 2.93ghz celeron to a 3200+ AMD Athalon 64. I hate replacing parts, I figure if I replace I may as well make it better. Thanks anyway
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