"Could not open GL sub system"

By adrianC
Jan 22, 2006
  1. I recently purchased "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault" for my younger brother, but when I installed it into my computer and attempted to play, it would suddenly go back to my desktop and I would receive the message "could not open GL sub system. I've read before that usually re-installing the video card device works, but I'm in no way computer savy so I have no idea what do. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  2. loupegarou

    loupegarou TS Rookie Posts: 39


    Well first you might want to do any windows updates.
    Download directx 9c (or the latest that will work with win98)
    Then download the newest drivers for your video card and sound card.
  3. adrianC

    adrianC TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have windows XP and own the lattest version of Direct X. I just don't know how to figure out wether it is a nividia or ati video card.
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