counterstrike: source lags/freezes heres my setup

By bumpsboy
Apr 21, 2006
  1. here are my specs:

    amd x64 3200
    2 512 corsair ddr ram
    ati radeon x1900 pci express
    asus a8r32 mvp deluxe motherboard
    2 fans
    another fan on top of cpu
    500 watt power supply

    just made my system up the other day; updated all the directx and .net microsoft updates. when i do the video stress test there are lags/freezes; also when i play cs:s.
    it freezes for abt 15 seconds every 7 seconds. can anyone help me? thanks in advance... i was wondering i am using 2 seperate old hard drives abt 4-6 years old. i did the whole defragmenting and errorchecking still same problems. i was wondering can it be my hard drive can be too slow. what can i do?
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