By shakezoola
Dec 20, 2005
  1. Hello, i'm new to these boards, found them while looking trying to research what I'm going to get for a new system. I'm hoping someone here could help me out a bit. I'm upgrading to a 939 motherboard which has already been ordered, this one to be exact:

    I'm looking into these two cpus:

    I'm nervous about getting one that wont be compatible with the motherboard. I'm still new at building (done once before). Is there anything specific about those that could cause problems with my new mobo? Anyone have a reccommendation of one over the other? will i see a difference in the 3800?

    I have a little over $400 for a budget, and already have the mobo, and a pny 7800gt video card. I can use my ram from my current computer and harddrives and soundcard. I really need a new powersupply too, but its overwhelming looking at so many. Any help there? I'm not even sure which brands are good and which arent.
    If i have anything left over i'd like a new case and some sata harddrives, but those will probably have to wait. Thanks for looking. Hopefully i can help somebody else out sometime.
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    Hello and Welcome to Techspot!

    If it were me, I'd probably go for that 3700+. Actually, it WAS me, and that is what i DID get! ;)

    The price is just so low on that 3700 and it is such a fast CPU. The 3800 has a higher clock speed, but I doubt you'd notice it much, if at all. Either way, both will work in your motherboard no problem.

    I would be more worried about the ram you are planning on using. What is the ram speed you'll be using? One stick or two? Both sticks the same speed?

    As for a good PSU, you should probably be looking in the 450w range unless you are going to be sticking two video cards in there. You can calculate exactly how much you'll need here:

    Then have a look here to help you pick your PSU:
  4. DonNagual

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    I have the case/psu Rage is recommending above, and I'll back him up. Especially for the price, it is an amazing case.
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    wow, thank you very much for the incredibly fast responses. As for the ram question, i have this right now:

    I got that about a year ago, but made the mistake of getting a 754 board. live and learn :)

    Cant wait to get home tonight from work and look at everything and order.

    thanks for the help :)
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    Great! That ram will slide in there like butter. No problems at all.
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    If you have 400$ for a CPU I would tell X2 3800.
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  11. shakezoola

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    i would love too, but unfortunatly i need a few other things too. Power Supply being the biggest thing i need after a good cpu. i have old old harddrives, but the one reccommended on here looks good. I think i'm going to go with the 3700 and save the money to help out with psu/case/hd
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  13. shakezoola

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    man, that case looks awesome, and i love all the fans it comes with for cooling. but, with my budget being tight i cant afford a case that much and a good psu :(
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