CPU over Voltage Error

By 18sx
Mar 14, 2007
  1. hi guys

    i got
    asus mobo p4p800
    intel 2.7 ht
    5700 geforce
    1 ghz ram
    simbadda powersupply 500watt

    my damn computer again,...

    whenever i turn on or restart, i heard twice short beep
    new cpu installed! please enter setup to configure your system.
    cpu over voltage error!
    press f1 to run setup
    press f2 to load default values and continue."

    FYI : the date in the cmos is out to date.


    and if i did not run on safe mode, my damn monitor "sync out of range"
    i try to lower the refresh rate and resolution, but dont know why, it wont safe. and later when i restart, comeback again"sync out of range" and if i go to safe mode and check, the resolution is unchanged.. whyyyyyy? should i threw my pc away?
  2. 18sx

    18sx TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    FYI the beep sound

    2 short then 1 abit long

    tet tet teeet
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