CPU reaching 168F when Gaming

By SnazzyChazzy
Jun 5, 2016
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  1. Recently replaced my dying stock CPU fan for a new one, everything seemed to be fine, played Skyrim for a few hours on a max settings and everything seemed fine never got over 150 degrees but playing Fallout 4 the max temperature reached jumped to 168.

    I didn't receive any warnings, nothing shut-down or anything crazy but I am concerned as that temperature seems a bit high to me.

    The program I use to monitor the temp is called Core Temp.

    I'm using a AMD FX 8320 everything is stock, nothing overclocked.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hotlynx16

    Hotlynx16 TS Member Posts: 28

    That is too high, Max safe core temp recommended by AMD is 62 degrees Celsius.maximum socket temperature is 70 degrees Celsius , 168F is =to 76Celsius. Check make sure you heat sink is seated properly. Fan is running up to speed. Is it the stock heat sink?

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