CS mapping problems...

Jul 2, 2004
  1. ok i am using worldcraft to make counter strike maps. i did my first one, it wasnt anything to oooh and ahh about, but it WAS a level and a working level at that. ok so i go to build my second map, i got half of it done and would like to preview it as a player. ok so i save it and all that nonsense, i hit run map, to compile it and it compiles. so i go into the game and create game, go to my map, but its not there. so i go back to worldcraft, and try to compile it again, same thing, the level doesnt show up. ok so now im looking through the compiler process window, and it turns out there were two errors: 1 it had an error creating the .bsp file. 2. it had an error creating the .pts file. i have no clue what to do to solve these problems, so if anyone is used to working with worldcraft or has had this problem before(and solved it) please let me know what i need to do.

    Thank you, STK
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