D-Link DI-514

By lopkiol
Feb 4, 2006
  1. I have a Conexant Titanium ADSL router with 1 ethernet port I use to directly connect to my desktop PC and I go on the internet without problems.
    I also have a D-Link DI-514 wireless router (no modem included) I don't use at the moment and would like to use to go on the internet wireless with my laptop.
    I tried to connect it in series with the Conexant but as I connect it, the led of the ADSL line on the Conexant start to blink (also after reboot).
    The D-Link has 4 ports + 1 WAN port. I tried to use the WAN as well the other ports but nothing changes.
    Can I use the Conexant like a bridge?
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837

    Are you sure the Conexant is not acting as a bridge now? How about trying with straight/crossover cables?

    In theory you disable DHCP on the D-Link, connect it to the router through one of the LAN ports and it works as a switch/AP no problem.
  3. lopkiol

    lopkiol TS Rookie Topic Starter

    When you say now what do you mean? If you mean now now I am connected to the internet through the only Conexant. And it act as a router, as I can read in the settings.
    I didn't try with different cables, I have just 2 straight ones. But the manual says all the 5 ports are auto MDI/MDIX.
    Using the D-Link as a switch (with DHCP disabled) shows the same problem, the led winks. ;)
    Do I kill myself?
  4. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837

    OK. Just to be sure.. When you connect through the Conexant only, your computer receives an IP address starting with one of: 10, 192 or 172? If that is not the case, then the Conexant thing is acting as a bridge.

    Is the DSL light blinking bad? I mean are you unable to establish a connection later on? Did you disable DHCP in the D-Link? Is the D-Link's local IP address different from the Conexant's? The Conexant may be panicing and rebooting because it finds a competing DHCP server or an IP address conflict..

    Also, all these "auto" things in ethernetworking are not perfect and may fail. Always a good idea to set link speed, duplex, MDI(-X) manually.
  5. lopkiol

    lopkiol TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, if I set DHCP on the Conexant I receive on the computer the IP 192.168.1.X (the subnet is Otherwise I need to set it manually on the same subnet because the IP on the LAN side of the Conexant is by default
    On the WAN side I AUTOMATICALLY receive the IP from the ISP: 86.111.YYY.YY, mask (strange subnet, isn't it?), gateway 86.111.ZZZ.ZZ and encapsulation protocol PPPoA. And the connection works fine.
    On the other hand this does NOT happen when I plug the ethernet cable coming from the Conexant in to the WAN port of the D-Link. Moreover, if I go on the PPP configuration page on the Conexant, I see the "Oper. Status" is "Link Down". In this case there are these IPs:, mask and gateway I tried to change them manually but there is no way to do it.
    I disabled DHCP on the D-Link. But I also put it on a different subnet, his LAN IP is ( so I can enable it (moreover on the settings I read the DHCP of the D-Link acts only on his LAN).
    But the line light does not stop blinking. :dead:
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