Daniel S. Stanley, CMSGT, USAF (retired)

By danielstanleysr
Apr 15, 2009
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    Thank you for extending the invitation to join your organization. We are grateful that this service exists to assist PC novices like us; especially in view of the refusal of Microsoft "Help and Support" to help us resolve our problem. Dell Computers(we purchased our Dell Dimension E-310 from them) refused to assist us in the "Restoration" of our PC unless we paid them 45.00 an hour.

    Our PC was struck by a virus on 1 April 2009. We borrowed our son-in-laws emachine Recovery Disk and bagan the Restoration process which took approx sixteen hours to finalize. Naturally, we had to use the Back-Up Disk for our E-Mail and other documents and files.

    Regretfully, we noticed that everytime we turned on the PC the E-Machine/Angel PC logos appeared on screen. After restoration we attempted to run the Windows XP "Recovery System" to have a disk in reserve in case we were attacked by a virus again. The same recurring problem: E-Machine/Angels PC logo appeared on screen and was in the process of beginning the Restoration process. We cancelled immediately.

    We will be gratefully for your expertise in this problem. Once again thank you for your help in resolving this situation.


    Daniel S. Stanley
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