Dead Screen. Period.

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Jun 27, 2008
  1. I currently own three Computers, all of which are differant ages but are all Windows XP's. One is slow, one is kind of fast, and the other doesn't work. The one that doesn't work is because the monitor is dead. Me and my Grandma made sure all of the plug-ins were in the proper places, and the Monitor just doesn't turn on! The computer starts up and I can see the main computer light turn on, it's running just fine. There is the start-up sound, and you can hear noise from it. But you can't see anything out of it. The monitor light doesn't even turn on! Does anybody have a solution to this?
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    You have three PCs. Can you try another monitor from one of the other PCs? If it works, it would be a good bet the original monitor is dead.
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