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dell d610 dead

By mtl1 ยท 6 replies
May 22, 2006
  1. got dell d610 and freind tryed to get rid of admin password by shorting eeprom he opend a cover underneeath where the modem and a little blue battery is and messed with a 8 legged chip and it must have gone wrong cos now when i turn my laptop on the power light comes on for about 3-4 secs then nothing happens. is there anything i can do or is my laptop dead thanks for any help offerd
  2. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Wrong chip or connection-MTL

    That is not a normal result of shorting the Right Chip and the RIGHT Pins on it. Try disconnecting the CMOS/Reserve Battery for a couple hours and see if it will reset to BIOS defaults and clear the problem. I have shorted around 20 boards with no such result and have had positive feedback from many D610 owners. The result you got is the reason for the disclaimer on the .pdf, as there is no predicting what people will do or try.
  3. mtl1

    mtl1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    done bit of research since last post the chip that has been messed with is a semiconductor by fds part no. 6982s any one no where can get 1 from
  4. mtl1

    mtl1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    can anyone tell me if replaceing this chip will fix problem or has shorting this chip done more damage elswhere
  5. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    That was definitely the wrong chip; I could find no source with Google for data or a replacement. Did you try what I previously suggested?
  6. mtl1

    mtl1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yep tried that no joy also took that chip that was shorted of and laptop still showing power light for about 3-4 secs and goes of laptop was fine before so realy think that that chip is the problem dont no if shorting that will have done more damage within the circuit what do u think. cheers
  7. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    I can't even hazard a guess, as I have no idea what that chip is, whether or not it is the problem or something connected to it. There are two rather common causes for the indications you are getting exclusive of shorting the wrong chip; one is an unseated CPU, the other is a bad or unseated RAM Module or a bad RAM slot. You might check those. If that is no help, best start looking for another board
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