Dell Dimension 8300 videocard help

By ChaoticRay
Dec 3, 2008
  1. Hey guys!

    Well, as you can see, i have a 8300 that i bought in 04. I'v upgraded the ram to 1.5 gigs

    But im still playing with the Nvidia Geforce Fx 5200

    I want to buy a new one with the money i got for christmas..

    Now i know my Ps plays a big part...

    The thing is, in about.. 05-06, my power supply blew. So microsoft sent a guy and he replaced it.

    But i dont know what it is! It dosent have a label and they guy dident tell us anything about it.

    So i want your opinion, what shud i do and what grphic card should i get?

    I wanna know what card to get if i wanna risk it, or stay with a 7600 that i KNOW will work..

    Plz help..
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