Dell Inspiron 5547 Webcam and Touchscreen issues

  1. Hi

    My laptop has been playing up ever since I had bought it.

    I run Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

    The problem is that it seems like the integrated webcam, and touchscreen display continuously disconnect and reconnect. Like sometimes the webcam and touchscreen works but other times it doesnt. In device manager it shows the webcam appearing and disappearing.

    I recently just got a BSOD with these details (viewed with BlueScreenView v1.55):

    Filename: usbvideo.sys

    Address in stack: usbvideo.sys+73bb

    Usbvideo.sys seems to be the native Windows webcam driver. I use to run windows 10 on this laptop but it was continuously getting a BSOD with the exact same error being usbvideo.sys. When I downgraded to Windows 7 it didn't bsod at all, but just now it happened for the first time.

    In the on-board diagnostics tests it always successfully tests the webcam with no problems. But it seems to continuously disconnect and reconnect inside Windows.

    I would think that maybe I could pull it apart and see if the screen plug is loose. But the on-board diagnostics test always seems to say it's running perfect, even the webcam light turns on.

    I would greatly appreciate the help with these two issues.

    Cheers :)
  2. Tmagic650

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    Can you do a factory restore after backing up important stuff?

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