Dell XPS offers w/LCDs 20" or 19"

By Deal Svengali
Dec 2, 2005
  1. Dell has the specially configured XPS 400 with

    p4 3.2ghz, 1GB, 80GB SATA, DVD drive & CDRW drive, 15mth sub to McAfee Sec Center, free 20" 2005fpw Wide Screen LCD, 128mb x300 card, xp

    for $999 after instant off

    or you can get the XPS200 with 10% off code

    PentiumD P 820 with Dual Core, XP Home Media Center, 512MB, 80GB SATA HD, FREE 19 " E193FP Analog LCD, DVD/CDRW combo drive, McAfee SecurityCenter 15-months, 1 yr warr. for $899.10 after code
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