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By squimmy
Nov 30, 2005
  1. Windows looks for desktop files under the folder desktop
    (Documents and Setting/<username>/Desktop) right? Is it possible for me to change that? I've found a reg key under:

    and then there is a key

    Desktop which has the value "%UserProfile%/Desktop"

    Would I be able to change this to the required folder and the desktop would update itself?


    I am using Windows XP Home.
  2. poertner_1274

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    I'm not sure I understand you completely. You want to change the location of the Desktop? Why not just add some shortcuts or something to the desktop? A little more information about what you are actually trying to do would be helpful.

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  3. gbhall

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    power tools

    There are many free utilities available to do what you want - if you look at TweakUi in Windows power tools you get a flavour of what some of the more advanced 'tuning' tools can do. Yes, all they do is mess with the registry settings like you have found.

    And no, I can't image what you want to do that for, and don't advise using these tools anyway - it's possible to wreck your registry and/or lock yourself out of your PC

    In the simple case you give, changing the registry entry to say c:\myowndesktop will work, but you would have to manually copy the desktop files from their current location to get anything other than a blank desktop.
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