Desperately want to delete 2nd boot partition

By claudz78
Jun 15, 2006
  1. I am REALLY hoping that someone can help. I recently followed some steps to creating a second partition on my computer. The first one I had was for windows 2000 and I created and new one for windows XP. The XP one is just not working and we have just COMPLETELY reformatted the whole computer in an attempt to make the two just one again. I am currently working from windows 2000 as it is working and XP just doesn't. How do I delete the XP partition. It appears at boot up every time and I have to chose whether I want to run my computer via 2000 or XP. I just want to get rid of it and really hope that someone can help me!!!!

  2. Punk_youth

    Punk_youth TS Rookie

    when you say win xp isn't working, what are its signs of "not working"? maybe you'd rather just get it working again. anyway, i know in win xp, you right click on my computer, and hit properties. then you go to the advanced taband there's a startup and recovery option. you enter that, and then you can edit your default OS. (or if you feel comfortable with it, edit the startup file.) but i'm not sure how win 2000 is set up. let me know if that helps at all. additionally, i assume you want the hard drive space for 2000 back. just format the partition and you'll get rid of xp (naturally you'd have to format it while running win2000 (or a bootup partition manager like fdisk)). good luck
  3. Samstoned

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    go to the W2k folder look for boot.ini
    edit out the lines for the 2nd boot of xp
    save exit reboot should be gone
    thats if I got you correct and you have merged the 2 partitions
    and have only 1 OS left
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