Details on Longhorn storage

By Julio Franco
Oct 15, 2003
  1. The Longhorn edition of Microsoft's Windows operating system is at least two years away--but the company is revealing some details on how it intends to create a smooth transition from today's Windows PCs.

    One of the most significant enhancements to Longhorn is a data storage system called WinFS, technology designed to make information easier to find and view. Clearing up long-standing confusion, a Microsoft senior vice president said that WinFS will work with--not replace--the existing file system in Windows, called NTFS, when WinFS debuts in late 2005 or 2006.

    Read more: CNet News.
  2. Phantasm66

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    I would imagine that WinFS is a new version of NTFS. We are currently on NTFS 5 (or is it 5.1? I think 5 was Windows 2000, it may have been modified slightly to go to 5.1 with Windows XP and 2003) so this could be NTFS 6.0.
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