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By stilup
Sep 21, 2003
  1. under Probe Devices I found Radeon Probe Device
    Funny thing the drives is from ChrisW
    I have the latest Omega drivers set and wonder if this wa installed or is this a default device for the Radeon or has it been installed without my knowing?
    I have never seen this Probe Device in Device manager before but I'm still new to the world of ATi.
    What the hack is it?
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    I've got the same thing, and Tarkus is right. If you go to the ATi control panel and click on the "Clock Rate" tab, and click on the red "A" on the right side, you will see that RadLinker is copywrited by ChrisW.
  4. stilup

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    Running Rage3D O/C utility and no need for it.
    Settings are automaticly set from Omega driver upon Omega install leaving no need for the Probe device.
    I wonder why Rage3D utilty can overclock the card without i? Maybe better going through a Probe Device is better.
    I don't know if I should just remove that Probe, leaving it may not hurt. Too new, too fast to mess around with that.
    the only thing I changed with the Omega auto 3DRage setup was AMD support.
    I had 3DRage setup before but thought I deleted it but evedently not but it's fine. Blended in just fine, fine enough to have prefernce.
    removed Probe Device from device manager, no problem.
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