Diamond DT-688 5.1 soundcard

By themangoe1
Aug 22, 2003
  1. Hello, I am new to this site..have patience please. The problem I am having is I bought a soundcard..Tsunami--Diamond DT-688..I do a lot of home recording(musician) and the links to the Website for this brand are not available. The problem I am having is my inputs suffer from lack of headroom. I am sure there is a tweak for this, and I know the card is cheap(20 bucks). Anyone with info greatly appreciated. Would the main sound already installed on the computer be better?? I like the card as I can feed woofer, center and rear channels, plus have a mic-in and a line-in..but if I can't get better sound, its worth naught!!Computer is Compaq Presario 6400NX AMD processor(1.53 ghz), 384 DDR. I am using a software based recording studio called Multitrack Studio which I am happy with. Thanks again, Randy
  2. packrat1

    packrat1 TS Rookie

    A very late reply (maybe help others)

    A google for Tsunami Diamond DT-688 5.1 for this source....


    I tried to upload the complete drivers and manual on driver guide, but couldn't seem to get the upload to finish. Sorry! Maybe I can figure out a way another time.
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