Direct Draw Issue

By Tobbe[x]
Mar 18, 2004
  1. Hi all!

    Two weeks ago I installed 3Ds Max 6.0 and immediatly following the installation my computer went nuts! I have since tried every trick I know, even going so far as to re-installing everything from scratch. But to no effect, the problem remains. So what is the problem? In windows the mouse cursor is currupted and artifacts appear on the screen (icons also get corrupted). This is easily solved by reducing the hardware video acceleration in the display settings, but the real issue is when I try to play games (3D). All the textures get a "red dotted texture" floating on top of them making everything look incredibly ugly and weird. I have tried all of the diffrent setups available in the ATi control panel (to no effect) and looked through every Faq I could find.

    I have obviously contacted Discreet (who makes 3Dmax), but have gotten no reply..

    I would really appreciate any suggestions you could give me

    System Specs.
    Asus a7v kt133 (mb).
    Athlon 1200mhz.
    512mb SD-Ram 133mhz (128-128-256).
    Radeon 8500 (Built by ATi)

    XP SP1, all uppgrades
    Latest drivers for everything.:confused:
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