directx problems with Sims2.

By cuban_addicted
May 19, 2007
  1. alright, i, like many others, have been having directx yada yada problems with the Sims2. It says some .. update.. not installed. Whatever. I've been going through a whole bunch of forums, I downloaded that everst thing, and it says that name, manufacturer, and all that stuff. is n/a.
    Specs :

    operating system ; windows xp professional
    system manufacturer ; sony corporation
    system model ; VGN-S460
    BIOS ; Ver 1.00PARTTBLL
    Processor ; Intel Pentium M Processor 1.73 GHz
    Memory ; 510MB RAM
    DirectX Version ; Directx 9.0C

    someone please tell me what to do. =[ IM me at cuban addicted,email me at or merely post here! all help is greatly appreciated!
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