Disable Critical Battery ShutDown

By systemFailure
Jun 17, 2004
  1. Okay let's see, I have a Compaq Presario Notebook, 2175US the problem is I need to disable the feature that shuts down the computer when the battery is low. I have gone to compaq tech support and they told me to switch the power scheme to always on but that's not helping. I used to be able to do it but now I dont know why after the last time I quick restored it, now it wont help.

    I tried turning the alarms off, I tried putting the alarms on and put NONE under the "When Alarm goes off take this action: "

    I dont know what else to do, I'm trying to do this because I think my battery has memory again. I used to use the battery in 0% for about a half an hour or something, I want to do the total drain of the battery again because again its lasting about 15 minutes and after I did it the last time it lasted about 2 hours.

    If you need any more details contact me

    Thanks everyone
  2. SNGX1275

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    I think technically laptop batteries aren't supposed to get memory, but I've always been a bit fuzzy on any rechargables other than NiCads and I know a fair amount about them from my days driving RC Cars.
    What you could do if you don't get an answer on how to do it from within Windows is: remove the battery find out its voltage and go to a local shop and get at or a little higher voltage light bulb and wire the battery to that light bulb, it will fully discharge the battery in a safe manner that way.
  3. systemFailure

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