Disk boot failure

By Jaxon
Jan 21, 2008
  1. i recently brought a new motherboard (xtx Nforce 680i) and have got it starting up, but after the loading screen for the board, i get the message "Disk boot failure, please insert system disk and press enter". So, i put the disk in, hit enter and...nothing. The screen flickers, and i get the same message again. I've tried taking the connections for the HD\cd drive out and securing them in again, but beyond that i have no clue what to do. Any ideas? thank you

    Edit - also just a note that before this message, i was getting the "sorry, windows failed to load" message, and the chance to enter with safe mode. Doing so would make the screen go black, and then take me back to the loading screen, in a non stop circle. maybe connected, as i say im not sure ;p
  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    I think you should do a 100% reinstall of your Windows O.S. Mostly, your old program install will not conform and boot with the new BIOS that comes with your new MOBO. After you reinstall, you will probably have to re-activate that program. That will be no problem. If you have to activate per phone, tell the person that you installed NEW mobo. GOOD LUCK.
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