Distorted Audio

By jf20055
Aug 6, 2006
  1. It seems like after i did windows security updates for SP1 my audio got distorted, so i did a system restore, same problem. So i upgraded to SP2 hoping it will fix it. Called Dell several times, at the same time i was thinking the lightning damaged my sound card. So i removed soundblaster creative live and installed a new sound card (Soundblaster Audigy) and still same problem. So i uninstalled Audigy and put back my old one.

    When i start the pc, the windows welcome wav sound sounds fine but after the pc is all booted up, the audio is distorted (sounds like chirping) no matter what i'm using, cd's, windows sounds, everything I try.
    Dell has no idea whats wrong, so i'm hoping someone can help me. Device manager shows no conflicts.
    Thank you.

    Dell dimension 4600
    1.5gb ram
    4cpu 2.40ghz
    service pack 2
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