Does anybody know about FTP site??...

By techuser
Jan 31, 2004
  1. After setting up VNC to work...I noticed that VNC is very slowwww.... for what I have to do. I am trying to connect to computer which has Unix based software and that software is installed on the server. So when I request for something it goes to my VNC Server/Computer and then my request goes to that Unix Server....which makes my connection so slow that just to get from 1 screen to other it took approx. 5-8 minutes...whereas this was not the case when I was working with Excel / Word Program
    Is there a software that I could install which would be faster for Unix based program called Tech7.
    Does anyone know anything about FTP site which I can link to my work computer and after I am done I can upload my work to that link and in return that link would upload to my work computer...I hope I made sense....

    Or can somebody suggest me about any other software....????
    Thanks .....
  2. Nodsu

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    Sorry I already replied to the other thread..

    You can use a VNC server that uses better compression. You could also set up a VNC server on the UNIX machine directly so you don't have to go through your work PC.

    Since your work gateway responds to telnet then there is a possiblity that you can use SSH to connect also. This means that you can tunnel any traffic through the secure SSH connection and you have free access to all machines on your work network. You'd have to talk to your system administrator about that SSH connection though.

    As for the FTP site.. You can set up a FTP server on your home PC if you absolutely have to. IMO it is much safer to use a USB flash disk to transport documents between home and office - FTP is not something you want to transport possibly sensitive data across.
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