Dreamweaver 8 for cheap?

By fw2004
Mar 10, 2007
  1. Hi all;
    I am looking for a legit copy of Dreamweaver 8 for about $100 or less.
    I have seen academic versions (which I believe are the same as the full product, but at a much lower cost) but one must provide credentials to get it. I am not currently enrolled in any college, so that might prove difficult.

    All I want to do for now is learn the software, and see if I can get a job as a web developer (freelance I think).

    I have found nothing at all in this respect. My 30 day trial has expired, and I hardly even got to use it.
    I am not going to spend $300-$400 for the full product when I will probably never use it to make a real web page, or use only for personal site.

    I would have no problem paying full price if I was going to use it for work where i get paid!

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  3. fw2004

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    Sounds like Expression would be fine, but I really wanted to learn Dreamweaver, since it appears to be the pro's choice. I have already ordered "The Dreamweaver 8 Bible" which contains the tryout version on a CD. Perhaps I can install it on my other Windows partition, and just keep reformatting it every 30 days to keep the software running <g>

    I suppose that if I am really serious about web development, I will enroll in a class, and then I should be able to get the academic discount.

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