driver istall after reformatting Aptiva 2162

By mrparks
Sep 21, 2004
  1. I am a begginner on PC's and am having trouble on how and which drivers to install, I have an old computer Aptiva 2162 S9C and have reformated the hard drive and have successfully installed windows 98SE. Sound is fine, but need to access the internet, need drivers for the Network card I am told, and the modem??? I have road runner (cabel) on my other two computers at home.(if that matters). What do I need to down load and where do I get them from, I cant find them on IBM's page for downloads. Almost sorry I tried this. Please Help...
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    I wouldn't bother trying to find the drivers. A lot of the hardware on those Aptivas is proprietary, so if its not on their site it probably doesn't exist. Save yourself the trouble and buy yourself a new net card for about $10 online or at your local computer store. If you can install Windows 98, you should have no problem installing a net card.
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