Driver needed for the scan feature of hp officejet 4215xi.

By Blacksandedd
Feb 24, 2007
  1. I am trying to discover whether anyone has found a way to download a driver for the hp officejet 4215xi that activates the scan feature of this all-in-one printer. I have tried the driver from this site three or four times. I have used the hp online chat support twice. I have uninstalled the hp drivers, and reinstalled the drivers, but I still get a message that tells me "the scan feature is not installed". Any thoughts will be helpful, and sent to my email [] would be appreciated. Thanks! Edd
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  3. Blacksandedd

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    I am using Windows XP home edition as my operating system. I assume the hp web site that you refer to is the one from which I have been downloading the driver for my hp officejet 4251xi all-in-one printer. I just haven't been able to get the scan feature to work after I have downloaded the driver. thanks for your response. Edd
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    Have you tried installing a 3rd- party scanning software program? i don't know any names offhand, but this is what i used to have to do on my hp psc 2110 all in one. these hp's get weird when they go bad....
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    That may be what I have to do. Actually, for $89.00 this one has been a pretty good color printer. The fax option seems to work fine. Thanks for the tip. Edd
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