Driver_power_ state_failure?????

By vegasgmc
Nov 8, 2004
  1. This isnt my week for computers. I replaced a faulty mobo in my back up PC and did a clean install of 2000 Pro. Works perfectly except when I restart or shut down I get the Stop error DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE- beginning dump of physical memory . Ive never seen this one before. A Google search and MS knowledge base didnt help.
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    Update. I checked the event viewer and got an error saying the event log is corrupted. System log doesnt work but application log does and there are PerfDisk errors every time the computer shuts down- "Unable to read the disk performance information from the system. Disk performance counters must be enabled"? I went into disk defragmenter and my 2 partitions are showing up as 4
    Unmounted volume 9766mb
    Drive D 9756mb
    (C:) 9766mb
    Drive d (D:) 9756mb

    This is a 20 gig drive with 2 partitions.
    Ive installed 2000 about a hundred times and never had a problem.
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  4. vegasgmc

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    Thanks. I found something similar to that on the MS site but it was so technical I couldnt understand it.
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