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Jul 6, 2007
  1. i'm planning on building my new machine after intel's july 22nd price cut. i'm looking at both the e6850 (dual at 3.0 ghz) and q6600 (quad at 2.4 ghz) because they're both priced ~$260 USD. the mobo i'm going to get is:

    because it supports the new 1333 FSB and is based on the p35 chipset. as i was trying to decide between the e6850 and q6600, i readthat i should get a mobo that supports the new 1333 FSB and get a cheap e6x50 processor and then upgrade to the new penryn once that comes out in december/january without having to change motherboards. it sounded like a great idea, but i'm not sure if this mobo actually, or any that's out now, can actually support the upcoming penryn based on 45nm tech.

    so my question is whether or not this last option is feasible
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    Although the Penryn is still far off, it will be supported by a P35 chipset mobo. Get the dual-core mobo and save yourself the cash if you want to get the Penryn later. If you really need the extra kick in performance, get the quad-core CPU now but keep in mind that it will be 'old' as soon as the Penryn releases. Also, you might have to save up for more time to get the Penryn if you get the quad-core, assuming you have limited funds of course. ;)
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    do you have any idea as to the release date of penryn and any info regarding price? i've googled it and gotten dates as early as 3Q2007 and as late as 2Q2008.
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