DVD backups play on PC but not in DVD player

By foycur
May 28, 2005
  1. OK, riddle me this....

    I have DVD Shrink and Decrypter to back up my DVDs on my PC. My PC also has Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.0 installed, and runs a Plextor 504A DVD+R writer. I have several backups burned (from a different computer) that run on the same media that I have currently tried to use (TDK DVD+R) on my Panasonic VHS/DVD combination. I use DVD Shrink and Decrypter flawlessly, runs like a charm. When I take the DVD backup out of my PC drive and put it into my DVD player, it tells me that it can't read the DVD due to scratches and the like. However, it plays just fine on both my HP laptop and my home built PC. It can't be my media, because I have backups on the SAME exact media that play in the DVD player (but were burned on a friend's PC not mine). Could it be the DVD+R drive and how it is writing it? It's frustrating the hell out of me.
  2. Tedster

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    Some DVDs (especially older models) aren't able to read MP4s and computer encoded DVDs.
  3. foycur

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    I thought it was that, but the backups that my friend has burned on his system with the same exact media seem to play just fine. When I use the same media to burn backups on my system, they don't work.
  4. Tedster

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    Then your DVD player can read the DVDs encoded on your particular system. They may seem like they're the same, but in reality, there may be minor differences.

    A lot of this has to do with anti-piracy protection.
  5. TDawg

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    Try using clone dvd as well...and maybe the newest nero...that's how I am doing it right now
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