DVD Burner recognized as CD Drive

By redhawk
Jun 18, 2007
  1. I first tried to intall a Pioneer-X122 External DVD burner on Saturday. Whenever I put a DVD in the drive it would say it was a CD and then change to a CD drive. When I took the DVD out it would change back to a DVD-Ram drive, but would still have CD drive in the details.

    I took that one back and the Geek Squad guy told me to try my luck with an Internal Drive. Same problem.

    I uninstalled Roxio and some other programs that I never used to see if that was the problem to no avail. I also disabled the other 2 cd rom drives on my computer and that also did not work.

    I may just give up and wait to burn DVDs when I buy a new computer in a couple of years as this problem may be more than it is worth. But if somebody has a quick solution, I would give it a try before I return this internal drive.
  2. SNGX1275

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    What would you burn the disks with, what software? Do they think it is a DVD drive? What OS? XP is pretty poor with correctly identifying blank DVDs but the burning softwares have no problems. I think XP's poor identification stems from it not supporting dvd burning from explorer like it does cds, so it won't always report that the disk has 4.3 gigs free or whatever.
  3. redhawk

    redhawk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have XP and I was going to burn it with the Nero Software that came with the burner. The only option it would give me is to burn with Video CD. I couldn't even play a regular DVD on it.
  4. imxelite

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    This sounds like a driver issue to me. I went through the same problem with one of my dvd-rw drives. I would suggest you google the drivers for your burner or visit pioneers site for updates.
  5. SNGX1275

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    There aren't any downloadable drivers for optical drives, this is a common misconception. Optical drives use a generic driver that Windows already has so the manufacturers don't supply it. A Plextor drive uses the same drivers as a LG. Now if the drive is external, then I can see where you might need a driver, but he had both.

    What you CAN update is the drive's firmware, but I doubt that is a problem since 2 different drives internal and external haven't worked, this is some software conflict I'm sure.
  6. imxelite

    imxelite TS Rookie Posts: 28

    Hey SNGX1275,

    Would you think the dvd burner might be setup as slave has something to do with it, or perhaps the DMA feature is set to No? I'm just throwing out some suggestions cause I know burners don't like being setup as slave with a CD-rom drive as master. I have seen some conflicts with those settings.
  7. redhawk

    redhawk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm willing to try switching the DVD burner to master, but how do I do that?
  8. Tmagic650

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    Change the jumper position on the back of the drive near the cable connector. If you look carefully on the case near the jumper, it is marked with M, S, CS where M is master, S is slave, and CS is cable select
  9. SNGX1275

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    If you switch it to master you are going to have to switch the other drive to Slave. You can't have 2 Masters on the same channel.
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