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By aznskater51
Dec 21, 2005
  1. ok i just learned about this dvd encryption burning ideas. So i use dvdshrink and it compresses the dvd i want into my computer. Ok so then i burn the dvd in my hardware to a dvd+r disc. So when its finished it wont play back on a dvd player such as a Ps2. It will only work with Computers. Why is this? do i have to use nero to do this?
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    it wont play back on your PS2 becasue the PS2 doesnt support the DVD+R format. wha kind of DVD Burner do you have? some of them support bitsetting which alows you to burn a DVD+R disc so it is recognized as a DVD Rom by standalone players.
  3. aznskater51

    aznskater51 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    the dvd burner is a dvd+_ rewriter. it writes on the disc. but what type of dvd players would support the format?
  4. iss

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    What BRAND of burner is it? Lite ON, Sony, Plextor and BenQ all support bitsetting. or you could try DVD-R since that was the original writable DVD format most stand alone players support that format.
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