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By king_elvis
Jun 28, 2005
  1. I hope I do not sound too much like a novice here :eek: .

    I have a lot of data I backup on a daily basis on DVD+R. I noticed on quite a few of the memorex Discs i use that there is a distinctive 2 inch circle on the inner nonlabel side of the disc that is a different color then the rest of the disc. I notice this prior to putting any data on the disc (unused empty disc). I always thought that a blank disc was a solid single color. The discs appear to work fine, but are different then some of the same brand discs I have purchased in this regard. Is this something to worry about down the road for long term media storage?

    The discs do not appear to have any other markings other then what is described, the label side of the disc is perfect. These are common DVR discs. Any of you smarties have an explanation for me?

    I appriciate it, thanks.
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