DVD "randomly" doesnt initiate upon/during windows session

By wyrmwraith
Mar 30, 2007
  1. I have a lightscribe dvd/cd writer. Here and there it decides to stop recognising its existence. For instance, i write a disc then i can't eject the next one, or i boot windows then i can't eject the drive. It's like windows doesn't detect it. Other times a can go a few sessions in a row without anything happening. Got a clue please let me know. Cheers.

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    thats can be drivers.... or incompatible write softtware. Which software u use for recording? Try another one and se what happens
  3. wyrmwraith

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    I'm using nero. It happens from experience regardless of the software / process it's quite random. Seems to be more when writing consecutively. I might not write / read a single cd then goto press eject button & "nothing" no response :/

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    i have got the same problem whit nero 6.3 version,... how many devices is on same IDE channel. try to connect seperate on IDE.... or install the newer version.
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    Check the cables to make sure everything is seated properly. If that doesn't fix it remove it and the IDE channel from device manager and reboot to let it be auto detected on restart.
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