DVD+RW on My Computer but not recognised by other programs

By jack_ty
May 29, 2005
  1. Ok im at breaking point here, i spent 14hrs and a half yesterday tryin to do this myself (literally, from 7 am to 9:30pm). ok here it is:

    ive bought a "Samsung DVD+RW - Model No. TS-E552U" (an external DVD rewriter via USB) it worked the night i used it, burned 1 DVD, and the next day it wasnt working at all! and my computer detects it etc, but no other program will! i got the live updater from samsung, and not even that will say its there! (even though its appearing as the G drive on my computer) these are the things ive tried so far (not all of em as i cant remember all of em):
    - Uninstalling the driver and rebooting letting it detect it on its own
    - going into device manager and registry etc
    - every possible solution to even the least similar problems on this forum i could find
    - etc etc so on and so fourth.

    nothing works! ive tried all 3 of samsungs sites and none of those were any help :(
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