DVDs are not working at all, help!

By Ronsdaman
Dec 9, 2007
  1. I have windows XP and up until recently I put a DVD in my computer the dvd is not recognized. Nothing happens, it doesn't even show that a cd is there in MY Computer. The same thing happens when I put a dvd-R. About 2 months ago I remember DVDs and DVD-Rs worked and i believe not much has changed. My DVD/CD-ROM drives are MITSUMI CR_4804TE and SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC-148. At first I thought it was my decoder so I upgraded to powerdvd 7, but that didn't help either. It gave me a message telling me "door is open or disk is not present" Error Code: 8090000A, the thing is the door is closed. The computer shows no sign of a cd, but when I put any cd that is not a dvd it works. Sorry about my typing and if this is not clear enough, but can somebody help me with this problem?
  2. fastco

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    So both drives are not working? Is that correct? Open the computer, while it's off and re-seat the cables to the motherboard. Then start the computer and go into the bios and see if they are showing there.
  3. Ronsdaman

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    IYes is both drives that don't take any dvds and I tried to re-seat the cables to the motherboard, but that didn't help either. Any more suggestions?
  4. fastco

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    Plug one of the drives into the same cable that the Master Hard Drive is on and see if it works. Make sure the jumper is set to either Slave or Cable Select. If it works then the IDE controller on IDE 1 is bad, which means either a new motherboard of a PCI IDE controller.
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