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  1. Hi guys. I'm kinda confuzed right now. See i have an LG FLATRON W2243S monitor which is full hd but it only has one plug at the back and its VGA. Now my Graphics card Which is the Geforce 8800GTX has 2 DVI outputs. im runnin a dvi to vga adapter coming from the Graphics and then a vga cable to my monitor but i hear its a terrible loss of quality.

    Would it make a difference if i bought a DVI cable and ran it from my 8800GTX to my monitor using a VGA to DVI adapter?

    Thanks In Advance
  2. SpikeyBoiCahir

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    oh come on lads someone has to know something?

    please i need help?:/
  3. Lokalaskurar

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    (Right, hold your horses :) )

    Now, sure there is a big quality-loss when converting DVI to VGA, and I have never experienced or heard of any difference in quality between adaptor or "cable-adaptor".

    Now, to answer your question: the quality does not really depend on where you put your connector. And it does not differ much even if you use a DVI cable.

    I would personally not go for that setup; your current setup is more or less "good enough", providig your VGA-cable is of a high-quality brand. VGA-cables have been around forever, thus some are of poor, old quality. DVI-cables are quite new, so one can expect advanced transport technology from just about any DVI-cable.
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    Yes, it would make a difference, because anytime you send an analog signal over any length of wire there is some signal loss/degredation. So having the signal sent digitally over most of the distance, and then converted at the last couple centimeters/inches would be better. BUT - The difference is so negligible that I don't think there is any chance you could tell. So bottom line is its not worth spending money for something that won't make a noticeable difference.
  5. SpikeyBoiCahir

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    oh okay that's alright so.. thanks for your help:)

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