Emachine motherboard integrated video

By furnacemanjoe
Mar 5, 2005
  1. I want to add a Fx 5500 Pci Graphics Card. How do I disable the onboard one? Model #T3025.
  2. vnf4ultra

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    deisable onboard

    There should be a setting in the bios to change that. To get to the bios, hit f2, del, or some other key(should say in the manual) while the computer is booting. Under one of the categories you should see a setting about the onboard video. It may have options like onboard or auto, or onboard, auto, or pci. Auto should make it detect and use the new pci card.
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    If it has Plug and Play Bios all you should have to do is just disable the video in Device Manager, Shut Down, Install the card, Start it up (It might say that it detects it) and then install the software that can with it. I have a Emachines W3080 with an integrated Via/S3g graphics chipset and when I put a card In I first went into Device Manager (control panel, system, hardware, device manager, video adapters, click on graphics listed under, drivers) and then switched it from enabled to disabled, then the computer has to restart and the screen get big which tells you that it is disabled.
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    Thanks for your reply,I'll give it a try.
  5. furnacemanjoe

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    Thanks for all of your advice.It took me a few times but I finally got it to work. :giddy: :giddy:
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