Emachines T3958 no sound coming from speakers or from headphones!

By ashleyhouston
May 17, 2008
  1. okay i have a model T3958 emachines computer. the speakers are Model: EMC2.0, the ones it came with. No sound is coming from the speakers or brand new headphones i just bought for it. the computer says "no playback device" "no sound device" i went to the emachines website to download the sound driver update thing, but my computer says " it doesnt recongnize the name". i called the computer helpline for emachines and they said to reboot my computer press delete 5 or 6 times to get to the bio menu and see if the hardware is correct. all of this sounds like another language...any help?!?!?! i did the reboot thing but i dont know how to see if the hardware is correct. aslo to under my hardware it doesnt list anything like a sound just has audio codecs..legacy audio drivers...etc...WHAT DO I DO!!??!??!
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