Error Message{driver)!!

By sassy555
Aug 26, 2003
  1. Hi , new at this .. I put a game in . began to run it this message came up "sys-error-d3d-create-device" any ideas? I have tried to load the latest drivers but I must be doing somthing wrong... please help. I paid a lot for the game!! :confused:
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    Looks like you may not have DirectX installed. The game probably has whatever version it requires on the disc, just look for it there, or get the latest version from Microsoft.

    If you do have DX installed, then go to Start>Run>dxdiag
    This may shed some light on the problem.
  3. sassy555

    sassy555 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    error message(driver)

    Thanks for answering, and for your help, I was in town to-day and I popped into a computor shop, (sorry but It is driving me mad i have been tring to solve it for ages!!)they seem to think that the a.g.p. is built in to the motherboard so I won,t be able to update it I did what you said and I got this "Hardware accelerated Direct 3d9+ is not available because the display driver does not surrport it " Direct 9 is on the disk so I have got that . They said to bring it into the shop to see if I have a separte agp! do you think this could be the answer?? Will I have just give up or should I buy another m; board. and drivers etc: or just get another comp: getting quite depressed now!! any advice.. um I have,nt got a qoute as yet Cheers Sasx
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