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By Skumar
Sep 7, 2012
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  1. Earlier I have had a problem with malware in my PC and I have cleaned it with the help of techspot Malware Annihilator. As per suggestion I had updated my PC with JRE 7 update 5.
    From then on when I try to open Java based web pages it doesn't work with some important websites. To get back the older version I opened control panel to uninstall the new version but It shows an error "Fatal Error during installation" and also the old version JRE 6 u29 still exists in the programs list.

    I had tried several ways following Java webpages using regedit and deleting the folders in program files. But the programs list still show the two versions with no "Remove" icon. In control panel I could find Java with missing registry key.
    And now I could not install any versions of the JRE as it says "I need to uninstall older versions of Java" or sometimes "Installation Failed".

    Please help me in order to resolve this problem.
  2. Rabbit01

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  3. Cobalt006

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  4. Skumar

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    Thank you Rabbit01, I have tried JavaRa earlier but it didn't work.

    Thanks Cobalt006, Revouninstaller has resolved my problem.
  5. Cobalt006

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    You are welcome , Glad it helped.

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