Error messages, and task manager problems..........

Sep 26, 2005
  1. I constantly get Registry Error messages, but only when online, never offline. one message is:

    Message from MS Registry to Microsoft U on "date"

    Critical System Error!

    and tells me to go to several websites, but only one at a time, the message changes, and so does the URL, ive seen, and a few more. I suspect this is some kind of spyware, since it seems so intent on getting me to go to these sites. And the windows they pop up in, aren't even XP style windows...........

    And my Task Manager, i cannot, in absolutely anyway end any processes, i can't select anything from the list, and there is some shady looking things on there.

    I have Win XP sp1, 2 ghz Celeron, 256 ram, blah blah blah, any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED, as those popup errors ruin anychance of online gaming.................since they minimize my games.
  2. meatologist

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    download and install SpyBot - search your machine for naughty little spyware etc...

    sometimes the spyware wont budge because the processes are in use (because you're logged in) - it would be SUPER handy if you've got another PC or laptop that you could configure - get them on the same network or workgroup whatever... then remove the processes from your PC via the other machine...

    first off - i'd download and install SpyBot or some other spyware remover app - see how you go on from there

    Download from here:

    personally i prefer BulletProofSoftware's SpyAd Remover... but you have to pay for that..
  3. howard_hopkinso

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