Ethernet 'A Network Cable Unplugged'

By British_Command
Feb 9, 2008
  1. I have a 'Madge Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode Mk2' ethernet slot, anyways I have a tiscali speedtouch modem (with no ethernet slot) so I have plugged the USB into the back of the computer and then connected an ethernet cable to the computer and then to the xbox 360, and the computer keeps saying 'a network cable is unplugged' ??
  2. Stick'o ram

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    First off make sure you are using a crossover cable inbetween your computer and the xbox, also make sure your xbox is actually on, and having the xbox look for a connection could probaly help. You will have to manuely have to set up the connection on the xbox to use a crossover cable (most common are for the computer and for the xbox, this is the needed IP address) then you will have to setup a subnet mask and probaly a gateway. It would probaly just be eaiser if you went out and bought a router and two patch cables, connect the modem to your computer, then the computer to the router via a patch cable and another patch cable from the router to the xbox. Somehow bridge the connection from the usb to the ethernet (someone else on this form will probaly know how, probaly by internet connection settings) and just setting up the router to have somesort of DNS to automatically give the xbox its address. Im sure somebody else on this site knows a simpler way, anyideas anybody.

    P.S. - Make sure your ISP will allow two connections at once.
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    >> P.S. - Make sure your ISP will allow two connections at once.

    which is why the ROUTER is a superior solution, as the xbox will share the ISP connection using the router NAT feature :)
  4. British_Command

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    Thanks for the help guys, can't believe I forgot I was using the wrong cable! and yeah it's my mate who has the problem and said he has allowed the ISP to share it's internet although I'm not sure whether that'll work or not. He would get a wired router but his modem only has a usb to plug into the back of the computer? so I mean he could get an ADSL Modem router?

    Thanks alot guys for the help.
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