Facebook and Instagram won't load (other sites fine)

By trechtroubled
May 21, 2016
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  1. In Vietnam at a coworking space when I attempt to browse Facebook and Instagram on my mac laptop. Won't load, says something about connection timed out.

    I think it is just some sort of setting on their internet (who knows) or the fact that it keeps coming in and out. I decide that I probably shouldn't be wasting time there anyway.

    Now I am at my hotel and neither site will load on any of the three browsers on my computer and Instagram won't load on my phone (facebook not on my phone for aforementioned "should be working"problems). I've gotten a variation of "timed out response" and one page that had me check my connectivity and suggested something about firewalls (screenshot attached as well).

    Facebook works on my husbands phone, but the same problem with my instagram account not loading.

    Any help is incredibly appreciated! Lost in social media limbo here.

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